Thermal Imaging

Why should I get a thermal imaging scan? 

With a thermal imaging scan, inspectors can identify water issues and other energy inefficiencies in the home. Problems that would not be visible to the eye, are easily found with this service. Thermal scanning of the home is performed by the inspector and is $50 as an add-on.

There are 3 main purposes of thermal imaging:

Water Leaks

Spots, like this purple mark below, show moisture leaks and residue. Leaks can easily be missed with a surface inspection because they do not always show and can be painted over.

Missing insulation

The dark lines are the roof trusses. The missing insulation causes bright orange sections. Any issues with missing insulation means you will spend more money to heat and cool the home.

Air Leaks

The dark spots around the window show where exterior air is invading the home. This creates difficulty maintaining consistent temperature in the house, in addition to costing more.